Product Guide

Fine Dining Program


“Fine dining restaurant”operators will be defined as for-profit enterprises, including individuals, proprietorships, partnerships and corporations, which are dedicated to providing a fine dining experience to the general public with main emphasis on purveying meals on the insured premises.

Eligible operators shall include, but may not necessarily be limited to, the following classes of business:

  • Restaurants having an average meal cost of $15.00 or more exclusive of sales of any alcoholic beverages.
  • Restaurants having sales of alcohol less than 30% of total restaurant receipts and
  • Restaurants who derive no more than 10% of food receipts from off premises exposures such as catering or sponsorship of special events.


Any class of business not related to the Fine Dining Restaurant business including the following:

  • Restaurants promoting sales via the use of liquor oriented promotions such as Happy Hours, Ladies Nights, Twofers, etc.
  • Restaurants of frame construction in protection class 9 or 10
  • Restaurants with any type of entertainment whatsoever. Any exceptions to this rule will be made by the Company.
  • Restaurants with over 10% of revenues generated by business pursuits other than restauranting
  • Restaurants with over 15% of revenues generated by banquet sales on premises
  • Restaurants on docks or piers or located at a marina or other waterfront location.
  • Restaurants with any delivery service other than that associated with incidental catering and where drivers are not direct employees of the restaurant nor vehicles owned by the restaurant
  • Restaurants with extensive fleets consisting primarily of private passenger vehicles.
  • Restaurants with any type of electronic or video games or large screen televisions.
  • Restaurants which sell food or condiments manufactured under their own label either on or off the premises and sold to the public either on or off the premises.
  • Restaurants which sponsor sports or athletic activities where liquor is sold.
  • Restaurants in business less than three years at the same location
  • Restaurants not meeting current NFPA guidelines for life safety
  • Restaurants that do not have current contract for servicing of automatic suppression systems at minimum on a semi annual basis nor a hood and vent cleaning contract at minimum on a semi annual basis nor clean filters at least weekly.
  • Seasonal Restaurants
  • Non-sprinklered frame restaurants in all protection classes and sprinklered frame restaurants in protection class 7 and above.


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